Maximize Business Deductions Before Year End

Save on Your Tax Liability We’ve almost made it to the end of another year. Pretty soon, it’ll be tax season. And, while you might not want to worry about taxes before you have to, now is the perfect time to position yourself to pay a little less to the government. Here are several end-of-the-year […]

Accounting Method Changes for Small Business Taxpayers

Recently, the IRS and Treasury released two revenue procedures on accounting method changes for small business taxpayers. Rev. Procs. 2022-9 and 2022-14 enable small business taxpayers, not a tax shelter, to obtain automatic consent to change to simplified methods of accounting, i.e., the cash method of accounting. These changes: Modify existing automatic method changes; Add several new automatic […]

How to Change 1099 Contractors to W2 Employees

It’s the age-old tale of the 1099 and W2. You may have heard the long and gruesome story told by business owners who have been assessed thousands of dollars in back payroll taxes, interest, and penalties because they classified a worker as a contractor (1099) rather than an employee (W2). Could it happen to you? […]

Getting Paid Via PayPal? The Taxman’s Coming!

paypal 1600x1064

In the past, online sellers and companies accepting PayPal or other third-party settlement organizations (TPSO) for goods and services only received IRS Form 1099K when engaging in at least 200 annual transactions worth over $20,000. That will change beginning January 1, 2022, when the American Rescue Plan Act replaces the former ruling with a single […]

To Tax or Not to Tax

to tax or not to tax

Which strategy is better? Paying your $50 doctor’s visit deductible with before-tax or after-tax dollars? If you said “before tax,” check if your employer offers an HSA (Health Savings Account) program. HSA’s are the tax-friendly way to pay your medical bills because dollars are deducted directly from your paycheck before taxes are calculated. Contributions made […]