Timing is Everything When Avoiding Income Tax on Roth IRAs

Thinking about taking a withdrawal from your Roth IRA and assuming it’s tax-free? Before you do, check your calendar and time it right. Withdrawals from Roth accounts are exempt from federal income tax if you are 59-½ or older and have had at least one Roth open for over five years. The above qualifications must […]

Pay it Down, Or Save it Up?

The question is asked of us all the time…should I focus on paying down my debt or saving up for my retirement? Both are important to your financial health, but it may not be an “either, or” scenario. The critical thing to do is to get started. Let’s take a look. Rate of Return vs. […]

Multiply Your Net Worth with Your Retirement Plan

Believe it or not, the government can actually help you on this one! Your SEP IRA and solo 401(k) retirement plans, can enhance your net worth by: Creating tax deductions for the money you invest Growing tax-deferred money within the plan Holding off taxes until funds are withdrawn (hopefully, once you are in a lower […]